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Welcome to my home page.

Feel free to have a look around but be warmed I do not tolerate things being stolen, including my art ^.^


Q. Can we be friends?
A. Feel free to send me a request but also send me a MESSAGE telling me why you want to be friends or you will be ignored.

Q. Can I have your badges for
free? Because I really love them. A. No, no you cannot. I am glad you like them but they are not free.

Q. Can you make me a badge?
A. I can certainly give it a go but I cannot promise that I will be finished. If I struggle with it I will decline your request.

Q. Do you make premades?
A. Yes I do indeed you can find them in the MY SHOP tab under my badges that are for sale. They are also in the PREMADE thread in Pixel Perfect.

Q. Gift me?
A. Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaah *ahem~* No.

Well I don't just give out my real name online so you can call me Prophane or Prophy if you like maybe when you get to know me a little better you can call me by my real name. I am currently 26 years old and I live in Lancashire, England.

My main two reasons for being on IMVU are Pixel Art, a love I cultivated after getting two free badge tiles from imvu and had to learn what to do with them, and Roleplay, something I stumbled into and now never want to stop doing.

I am involved with a great deal of roleplays, mostly they are all Lore based and filled with fun but there are a few that are based on Books or Anime I happen to be into. To name just a few:

Tidal Drift – My own personal Lore based closed setting

Citadel Seal – A lore based high fantasy setting run by Skimmerskir. I highly encourage RPers to check it out.

As for Pixel art I am self taught. When IMVU messed itself up and I was still willing to be VIP I was given two free badge tiles to do something with and I didn't have a clue what that was so I looked at badge panels and slipped into a few badge groups and discovered the world of Pixel Art and fell in love. I am still finding the best ways to teach myself how to pixel but then again people say an artist is never really done learning.

I highly suggest the group:
Run by rabidKITTENS

As for other things that I enjoy doing they are not overly exciting. I am trying to teach myself to draw cartoons a lot better than the mess I make now, I love to write and I am working on a fantasy novel because I am a super fan girl for all things fantasy.

I am a Harry Potter fan...even if the hero of the story is the biggest Mary Sue I have every read about. and all of my favorite characters are in Slytherin House. (Snape, Draco and Lucius)

I adore the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. I am not one of those "It wasn't an exact replica of the book!" traditionalists and I don't like people who are. Honestly if I had had to endure Tom Bombadil in the movie as well as the books I would have walked out of the cinema.

That's about it...really...for now..

More than I can possibly name.... but to name a few..









So Many More!!!!

My Badges

Loveless Pt 1 & 2 (1k each or trades)
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Love Tastes Good (6k)
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Beauty of the Moon (Only ever and Incentive)
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Forbidden Fruit (4k)
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Cherry: Cupcake Princess (15k)
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Little Bambi (20k)
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Tui &La (25k)
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Premades for sale

.....Coming Soon.....


My Sandbox

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