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Welcome to the official Dead Pleasures HP!
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My wishlist is here simply so I can remember everything I would like to buy, when I finally have credits enough to do so. But, if you want to buy Melvin and me a present, there will be no objections whatsoever to generous individuals. Thanks!

[\] +White Soul's Rose+{e}lumiere dead rouge!SM! Patricia White(RT)PLATINUM AISHWARYA HNova~ Mint Allyon Hair
MX Shaman hat `le FemmeAsmodeus' Roses 2 VasedBlack Piano w/SoundVari Crystal White Shoes[D™ eJewl Lollis
ANY SKIN Elf Ears (F)Animated Gothic FantasySmall and Waisted AngelFan PosesVari Crystal Red Shoes
¤C¤ Nails floral Marinespacerspacerspacerspacer
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