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★★Check My Shop★★” Might be looking... but for what?
Relationship Status: Single
Looking For: Friendship
About me: I go by the name Melfina in IMVU and for the past couple years of my IMVU life I have been learning to Dev. My passion lies in Voice Box creation. I do attempt to create other products for everything interests me in how it's made and making things work.
Many know me as an avid Role Player as well. My RP storyline is pretty long and getting to know me in character could take months to find all the details that make me me. But along with my RP side, I also hosted and worked for some clubs on IMVU. I have met great a many of people this way and also shared happiness with many more. Some even gone as far as becoming my family always.
What Services can I Offer: Though I Dev and have tempted things like skins, furniture, collars, accessories, rooms and the whole work, I find making voice boxes my main niche'. I offer the following services:
Custom Voice Box Service♫♪
Custom Voice Box with 10 max triggers - 5k if provided material, 10k if needed to search it out.(example, You do an audio recording of lines you want with your voice, it will be 5k since you provide the material. If it's lines from a TV show, Youtube video or what not, and I have to create it from scratch, 10k)
10 Triggers not enough? For every 5 triggers only 1k more.
15 trigger 6k/11k
20 triggers 7k/12k
25 triggers 8k/13k
You get the picture.
If this is a service you'd be interested in. Message me by inbox or request a pc if you find me on. I am available to all so feel free to add me to a room, Melfina isn't hard to spell is it ♫ But please send an inbox if I don't reply. (got to take care not to get too many random stalkers)
Most Collars with or without customizable bell tones are usually 5k. Depending on difficulty though the price is subject to change anywhere from 10k or higher. The price to achieve someone elses idea is usually high :3
As far as doing Custom skins/furniture/whatever else, I'm very limited to do those for just anyone. There's tons of other people more talented then I am with a pen and paper but I have my moments where I can create something pretty awesome. I just don't have the ability to replicate some ideas on a larger scale and feel good about how it turned out. So sorry I don't do customs in that dept unless I feel confident about the project.
What else do you need to know???
Am I single? Yes. Am I available? Probably not like you think. I don't want to be hit on or sweet talked into a relationship. I'm not here for those types of dealings. If I have an interest in you, only then will you know more then you need to about me. I am very personal and I don't trust ANYONE. Well save for those I call family. I'm not accepting anyone else into my family, its not something you can just ask to be a part of, you got to be the part on your own.
But Mel, I want you to have my babies!!!....
Seriously, you're doing this right now? Of all the times you can punt a joke you do it when I'm talking like this. EVUL! No means no, not maybe, not In a bit, it means NO, quit fuxing asking before I sick Crimzu on you!
Since you brought it up, Who's Crimzu?
I have said before I have long RP history. In the past couple years I been using a pet (that I deved) called Crimzu, a fiery drake. He watches over me and protects me from the lot of perverts I'm known to attract.

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