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Avatar sedan: 2006-03-08
Age: 46 18+ Age Verified Åldersverifiering
Förenta Staterna, USA
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"Hugs and salutations."

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"Make me laugh, and I'll be your friend for life."

"Me? I'm an open book. Some people just can't read worth a halfpence."

A few things about me, because just when you think something isn't going to come up, there it is...

(edited on 9/1/06)

**PLEASE** make sure you've read this before inviting me to chat! There are few things more aggravating than being invited to chat with someone who claims to have seen and read your page only for them to ask a/s/l as soon as you get in. ..Except maybe then having to explain to them what 'MO' is after you decide to cut them the slightest bit of slack and answer. If you live in the United States and I have to tell you it's Missouri, I do not want to talk to you (If you live outside this country, I have no problem telling you, the others have no excuse). If you tell me you've read my page and then ask if I'm married, I do not want to talk to you. I like my friends slightly more intelligent than a 30 watt bulb. I also prefer them not to be liars. ...Thank you. I was saying...

* I'm married, and happy about it. Also have two kids, both boys. (yeah, I'm very outnumbered)

* Several years playing mmorpg's has left me with a huge distaste for anyone asking for gifts/begging. First request will be nicely ignored, anything after that and you will get an earful.

* That being said, I do love to give gifts. It makes me smile and I hope it makes you smile too. That is the only 'agenda' behind them. If you look for any kind of reason or method or predictability to my gift giving, you are just going to give yourself a headache.

* Yes. I do bite.

* I know I'm hard to get ahold of on the 3D chat. One, I don't log onto it that often. I also have kids and dogs and well...a household to take care of. I'm also easily distracted. lol Sooo, often times chat invites will time out because my attention was on another window or I'm away from the desk letting the dogs outside or refereeing between the kids...etc. So don't take it personally. Let me know in a message that you tried or try me again in a few minutes.

* That being said...99% of the time I only accept chat invites from people on my buddy list. And if we've never spoken, or have only exchanged the most cursory're not on it.In this case, it doesn't matter how many times you invite me, I'll still either decline or let it time out.So either leave me a message here and try to get to know me that way first, or move on to someone else who has more time to sort through the world's psychos/needy/greedy/ignorant in fly-by meetings.

*As for adding me...If we've exchanged a few messages and you decide you think I'm good people, feel free to add me. If I think you're good people, I'll add you back. If all we've exchanged are lame 'nice page' comments, or have never spoken at all...please don't add me. Or at least don't be offended if I don't add you back. Seems silly to have to say that, but I have a rotating list of around 15 people that haven't gotten the hint yet.(o.O)

* Anyone looking for a friend or just someone to chat with is always welcome to my 'home'. Have fun, poke around, sit a spell...just try not to step on the mushrooms, critters, and pet rocks. Thanks! :)

Relationship Status: Married
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My sister and best friend. The one I rant with, laugh with, plot with, adore.
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