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Welcome to Blusher HQ! I'm Stefy, YouTuber, Makeup Artist and Designer.
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Hi i’m Stefy, also known as Blusher (here on IMVU)
I’ve been away from IMVU for a couple of years but i’m back!

Here are my latest creations:

 photo text-crop-jumper-tee-shorts_zps6bdf4cd5.png photo crop-jumper-tee-shorts_zps708a6ec1.png *B| CASUALCAMI}FLORALS*B| CASUALCAMI}BLUJEAN  Lia Paisley Playsuitf

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 photo jumper-orange_zps3112137c.png photo jumper-white_zps6bb825f4.png photo jumper-mint_zps7aad1e95.png photo jumper-lilac_zpscb4f1a97.png photo jumper-blue_zps80f657fa.png photo jumper-yellow_zpsbab7129e.png photo jumper-black_zps2d19129a.png  photo dresstop_zps2519f8c0.gif photo text-crop-jumper-tee-shorts_zps6bdf4cd5.png photo crop-jumper-tee-shorts_zps708a6ec1.pngSpinning arrow  photo thakia-brunette-blonde-ombre_zps500b455b.png  photo thakia-black-blonde-ombre_zps2e761e6c.png*B| CASUALCAMI}FLORALS*B| CASUALCAMI}BLUJEAN Lia Paisley Playsuitf
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