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Updates: Check out my catalog of over 13,000 products including meshes, male & female items, rooms, stickers, poses, furniture, BDSM, bondage, kawaii, pvc & so so so much more!!! Look below for my auto grant badges. *updated 5/6/19* DP by Pixelz
Do you have a request? Feel free to send me a message. I am a pro dev so I spend most time doing that. I absolutely love my customers. Without them I wouldn’t be a pro. Thank you all!!! I am a Switch & live the D/s Lifestyle as much as I possibly can. I grew up in the South & I am proud to be a Southern Girl. I have had several names & a few roles. I demand respect & will get it. I believe in a lot of things my major downfall many will say in RP is the fact I don't lie. I have a motto that "the truth is more fun" No matter how hard or cruel that the truth may be it is that the truth & it is what is honorable. I have actually lost friends due to the fact that I refuse to go along with a white lie here & there. I am very outspoken & passionate about many things & don't go for people being bashed for what they believe in. I am easy to get along with once you break my outer wall that is put up in defense as it is needed on here. I have been taken in time & again by people claiming love, loyalty & friendship. Just to have them stab me in the back before I have even turned around. I don’t have time for chaos or drama in my life be it rl or rp. I limit myself to a close few that are worth my attention. There are people I am close to that others may judge me based on them. Oh well that’s life. I won’t change who I am to suit others. Ta Ta for now XoXo
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